Colmers School & Sixth Form College is a very special community and I feel enormously privileged to have taken up post as Headteacher since September 1st 2018. Colmers is characterised by the tremendous the support and commitment of everyone connected with the school, all working together to achieve the best possible educational experience and outcomes for our young people.

I chose to go into teaching mathematics after finishing a degree in Psychology and Philosophy and I have always retained a deep love of working with young people on their learning journeys. Growing up as one of 3 girls, we were the first generation of females in my family who were allowed and encouraged to stay on at school and go to university. While my Mum was not allowed to carry on at school, my Dad was encouraged to go to university but had to study something he did not enjoy at all. This left me with a real ambition to make sure that all young people have choices and options, regardless of their background and abilities. I want our Colmers students to gain the qualifications that will open the right doors for them, into futures where they can become fully who they aspire to be. I want their experiences at school to open their minds and help them develop their talents and interests so that they can make really good choices about next steps. I want our young people to develop a love of learning that will contribute to their well-being for their entire lives. And, most importantly in this fast-changing world, I want our young people to be both resilient and curious so that they can navigate life’s challenges and never be bored!

I started out my teaching career back in 1989 as a maths teacher up in Stockport, Greater Manchester. That was back in the time before mobile phones and computers – it is incredible to consider how much has changed since then. As the Mum of two young adults, I find it hard to keep up with the very different world they now live in, connected 24 hours a day to people, ideas and events around the corner and across the globe. But despite these changes, much of the education system has remained fundamentally the same. Our challenge here at Colmers is to make sure that our young people benefit from an education that will prepare them for life in a world where change is the only certainty. As new and exciting jobs emerge reflecting our high-tech world, others remain gruelling hard-graft with low pay and little job security. Developments like HS2 in Birmingham will bring new opportunities on our door-step. After the devastating loss of jobs in Longbridge when Rover closed its doors in 2005, I am determined to make sure that our young people benefit from new opportunities both in Birmingham and beyond.



Contacting me


You can email me directly on to I will endeavour to respond within 48 hours and will personally deal with any matter that you bring to my attention if one of my colleagues is not better placed. I and my colleagues hope to resolve any questions or concerns you might have: please do not hesitate to meet, call or write to me so that I can put your mind at ease or look into something that is worrying you.


If you need to meet with me personally, you can arrange this by contacting Main Reception on 0121 453 1778