Your child’s welfare is our first and foremost concern. Some children can through school life without needing additional support, whereas others occasionally need a helping hand. Whether that be in self-confidence, anxiety, or bigger issues that affect their daily life.

Colmers prides itself on ensuring the safety of pupils and being there whenever extra help is needed. We work closely with a number of agencies to support pupils and families whenever that is needed. We are always here for advice and for helping parents and carers navigate through the uncharted waters of teenage life.

On this page you will find a safeguarding guide for families, pointing you in directions for support in a wide range of circumstances. There is also the school’s Safeguarding policy which shows you the steps we take to look after all of the children here at Colmers. And, finally, in case a step outside helps you and your family, there’s a guide to places you can visit for free in the local area.

If you have any questions about Safeguarding, please contact Craig Boardman, the Designated Safeguarding Lead at Colmers, through his email: