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Middle School at Colmers includes Year 9, Year 10 and Year 11.  These crucial years are when your child will develop academically and emotionally.  They will begin to make more concrete plans about what they aspire to become in the future, and by doing so, create a more defined plan on how they are going to get there.

In Middle School, we believe that your child should still have the flexibility to study a broad and balanced curriculum.  As a result, the range of subjects we offer cater for the vast array of interests and abilities that we have in our school.

In planning the Middle School Curriculum, we have ensured that there is a softened transition from The Bridge.  In Year 9, pupils have reduced option time and extended English and Maths.  This ensures that every child is GCSE ready and has acquired the basic skills to be successful at the end of each of their courses.  In addition to this, two afternoons a week, Year 9 pupils still take part in our Enrichment Curriculum.  This supports the further development of ‘soft skills’ crucial skills essential for life-long learning and success in the workplace.

In Year 9 and 10, subjects are asked to embed the knowledge and content of their courses.  Many of the new GCSE qualifications have a greater demand on recall and memorising key principles. The extra time created by extending our Middle School Curriculum into Year 9, enables us to secure this knowledge before they get to their final GCSE/Level 2 years.  More time, gives more opportunity to explore the course content, read around the subject, and ultimately ignite a passion and interest for each of their subjects.

Due to these solid foundations being created, when your child gets to Y11, the focus is very much on the application of this knowledge and the development of these skills.  This will be through targeted intervention, revision and analysis of their individual needs.

In this section of our website, you will find more information on the curriculum that we offer in Middle school, but most importantly, how we have tailored the curriculum to get the very best from all our students.


Best wishes

Mr Morris, Deputy Headteacher and Head of Middle School


GCSE Results


  2017 Results
GCSE Course A*-A (%) A*-B (%) A*-C (%)
Maths (180) 12 20 66
English Language (179) 15 25 65
English Literature (177) 14 24 58
Biology (152) 16 34 68
Chemistry (152) 11 31 55
Physics (151) 15 31 61
Statistics* (147) 0 1 56
History (120) 18 27 48
Geography (100) 22 37 63
Media Studies* (89) 10 17 36
Art (73) 15 47 82
Health and SC (44) 0 16 32
French (41) 15 44 78
RE (34) 29 47 50
PE (32) 13 24 66
Core Science (24) 0 0 8
Additional Science (24) 0 0 13
Computer Science (15) 0 27 67
Music (12) 25 42 67
Film Studies (7) 0 14 43
  • Studied and examined in Year 10.



The Middle School Curriculum

At Colmers we are fully committed to a broad and balanced curriculum for all.  As a result, we offer the full range of subjects.  In addition to this, in some subjects, we offer alternative routes and qualifications.  As a result, regardless of your child’s interest or ability, we are confident that we can find something that will enable them to succeed.

Currently the option process begins at in the February of Year 8, with pupils beginning their courses at the beginning of Year 9. 

Core Subjects (All Pupils) Option Subjects
  Option One Option Two and Three (combinations of subjects may be restricted)

GCSE English Language and GCSE English Literature


GCSE Mathematics and GCSE Statistics


GCSE Biology, GCSE Chemistry and GCSE Physics ( A small number of pupils will study GCSE Combined Science: Trilogy)


GCSE Religious Studies


Core Physical Education


GCSE History or GCSE Geography


GCSE Art and Design

GCSE Design and Technology: Resistant Materials

GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition

Edexcel Level 2 Certificate in Digital Applications (CiDA)

GCSE Art and Design: Graphics

GCSE French

GCSE Music

GCSE Physical Education

BTEC First Award in Performing Arts

BTEC First Award in Health and Social Care

BTEC First Award in Sport


We are continuously, evaluating and reviewing our curriculum, and due to a variety of circumstances, one or more of these subjects may not be available to your child.  Alternatively, if there is a subject that your child is interested in, we may not have considered it so please let us know.

Should you wish to know more detail on one or more of the subjects we offer, please do not hesitate in contacting me.


The Middle School Tutors

Below is a list of the current Heads of Year and tutors that work in Middle School.  These members of staff are your first point of contact should you want to know more about how your child is progressing in school.  As they are the members of staff that see your child every day, should you have important information to pass onto school, they are best placed to pass that information on. 


Can Your Child Join Colmers’ Middle School?

The short answer is yes.  However, the key thing to consider is do we have the subjects that you would like study.  Our option process usually begins in February, so if your child would like to join us in Year 8, then that is the time to contact me and begin discussions about joining at the start of our Middle School journey.

If your child is slightly older, and in Year 10 or 11, then I advise that you contact me personally and we will see if the subjects we have match what your child is already studying.


Getting In Touch

If you are a current parent/carer or you are interested in your child joining Colmers’ Middle School, please do not hesitate in contacting me.  I will make every attempt to get back to you within 24 hours.