Welcome to The Bridge


At Colmers School and Sixth Form College, we understand that moving from Primary School to Secondary can be a worrying time for parents and children alike. To make that transition easier, we have created The Bridge; a smaller school within our school to ease our children into the next phase of their education.

A Year 6 child is usually based in one classroom, typically with one teacher and maybe a teaching assistant, all day every day. Until recently, that child would start at Colmers as a Year 7, be expected to navigate around our large site, be taught 13 different subjects, by as many as 13 members of staff in 13 different classrooms. It’s all a little overwhelming!

GCSE examinations have undergone some significant reforms and are much more challenging. Our aim in The Bridge is to fully prepare our students for this and ensure that they are ready and able to cope with the demands of the next stage of their journey at Colmers.

So what exactly have we done?

  • We have narrowed our curriculum so that Year 7 and Year 8 students will have no more than six subjects. Students are still taught English and Maths, the Humanities subjects are all taught through My World, we have combined all the Sciences into Explore and Art and Design have been combined resulting in Create. Most students will also study French.
  • Each subject ties into a central theme and lessons are heavily rooted in the core Literacy skills needed to be successful throughout their time at Colmers
  • We have employed a team of outstanding Primary teachers to ensure that the curriculum is both appropriate and suitably challenging
  • We have an excellent Pastoral team, with huge experience in supporting children, and their families, through the transition period and beyond
  • Year 7 and Year 8 have their own area of the playground during break and lunch times along with access to The Learning Pod – a safe space supervised by staff and prefects for those students who find social time a little overwhelming or just want a quiet space
  • Year 7 and Year 8 also have an earlier lunch-time so that they can make full use of the canteen and the outdoor space
  • We have introduced Enrichment 3 afternoons a week. This is an opportunity for students to choose activities they may never have experienced or even knew existed before and really challenge themselves to try something new. The list of activities is extensive, including activities such as Chess, Mountain Biking, Robotics and Mindfulness.

The Bridge is a very special place; our pupils are supported, challenged and, most importantly, happy. We want their first two years at Colmers to be the foundation block of their success as they begin their seven year journey with us.

Emma Wilks

Deputy Headteacher and Head of Lower School


The Lower School Curriculum

Year 7 Literacy and Numeracy Catch-Up

Applying for place in Year 7

The number of intended admissions at Colmers for the year commencing September 2019 is likely to be 225. All pupils will be admitted without reference to ability or aptitude. Where applications for admissions, received by the closing date, exceed the number of places available, the following criteria will be applied, in the order set out below, to decide which children to admit:

  1. Looked After Children in public care and children with a statement of Special Needs or EHC Plan will take priority.
  2. Where the child has a sibling* who will be attending the school in September 2019 and who lives** within three miles of the school.
    *The Local Authority’s ‘Sibling’ definition has been adopted.
    **The Local Authority’s ‘Shared Responsibility’ definition has been adopted.
  3. Where the child lives within three miles of the school.
  4. Where the child has a sibling who will be attending the school in September 2019 but lives over three miles from the school.
  5. Where the child lives over three miles from the school. In each category, priority will be given to those living nearest to the school, the distances being measured in a straight line from the school to home. Please note that the Local Authority’s ‘Distance’ definition has been adopted and that appeals regarding Admission may only be made to an independent appeals panel. Colmers School does not have any involvement in the placement of Year 7 students.


Important Note:

  1. These arrangements refer to the
    school year commencing September
  2. Admission to Year 7 in September 2018
    will be through completion of the Local
    Authority form which can be downloaded
    from the Local Authority website.


The Lower School Tutors


Getting In Touch

If you are a current parent/carer or you are interested in your child joining Colmers School, please do not hesitate in contacting me.  I will make every attempt to get back to you within 24 hours.