This summer our students were amongst the first in the country to sit the new style GCSEs (Graded 9 to 1) in English Language,English Literature and Mathematics. We have been teaching and preparing for these new courses since September 2015 and in all of that time every student, teacher and school has been required to cope with massively increased expectations and uncertainty around exactly what to expect in terms of the types of questions and grade boundaries that will appear.

There are many changes but some of those include a much greater emphasis on recall and problem solving within Mathematics – long winded conundrums as opposed to lists of straight forward sums! In English, our students needed to learn three books and sixteen poems, all by heart.

Despite all of those uncertainties our students and staff rose to the challenge! All the extra revision sessions, before school, after school, during school and during the holidays, paid off – particularly for those who chose to engage and ‘get stuck in’ to the business of revision and practise.

Some valuable headlines include…

  • Thirty-one students achieved at least one Grade 7 in one or more of their new style GCSEs in English Language, English Literature or Mathematics. This includes nine Grade 9s (old Grade A*+) in English Language and Mathematics.
  • Two-thirds of all students achieved a Grade 4 or above in English Language and in Mathematics.
  • Sharp rise in the percentage of students now achieving two or more GCSEs in Biology, Chemistry or Physics (an extra 20 students this year compared to last).
  • Over 80% achieved Grades A* to C in French, alongside many other departmental and individual achievements

In terms of A-level outcomes, this is our third year of results and we are celebrating some excellent outcomes with our largest ever cohort of Year 13 students. Higher grades (A*- B) are up significantly (by 12%) to 33%. Grades A* to C are also up from 59% to 68%. Meanwhile our average grade is up from D+ to a C and our overall pass rate is 96%. This all means that Colmers is sending its highest number of students ever to university, including those from the Russell Group.


GCSE Course (No of Pupils) 7-9 (%) 4-9 (%)
Mathematics (180) 12 66
English Language (179) 15 65
English Literature (177) 14 58


GCSE Course (No of Pupils) A* – A (%) A* – C (%)
Biology (152)  16 68
 Chemistry (152)  11  55
 Physics (151) 15  61 
 History (120) 18  48 
 Geography (100) 22  63 
 Art (73) 15   82
 French (41) 15  82 
 RE (34) 29  50 
 PE (32) 13  66 
 Computer Science (15) 67 
 Music (12) 25  67 


A-Level Subjects A* – E(%) A- C (%)
Art 100 75.0
Biology 93.3 60.0
Chemistry 75.0 50.0
English Lang. & Lit 96.3 63
Geography 100 83.3
History 100 82.4
Mathematics 100 71.4
Physical Education 75.0 25.0
Psychology 100 75.0
Religious Studies 94.7 63.2
EPQ – Extended Project 100 100