Colmers School, working in partnership with Chartwells provide a nutritious and healthy hot and cold food offer before school and every break and lunchtime.

All of the menus available offer tasty and nutritious meals created by a highly-trained team of catering experts from Chartwells, along with plenty of other popular items for quick service and flexible dining.

Further information is available in the School Meals Parent Flyer linked at the bottom of this page.

We take pride in the great value food on offer for our students and the price of the set menu deal is currently just £1.75.

For a full price tariff, please see the Schools Meal Tariff linked at the bottom of this page.

At Colmers, pupils have the benefit of using our cashless catering system to ensure that they are served as quickly as possible, with the added benefit of making it very easy for pupils to receive free school meals should they be entitled to do so.

The cashless catering system is linked directly to our ParentMail app and service, where Parent’s and Carer’s can top up their child’s account easily online and through the app. For more information on ParentMail, please click here

Our cashless catering system enables students to use their fingerprint to access the funds available on their account, making it very easy and secure. Parent’s and Carer’s can be reassured that no student’s finger print is every stored on the computer system. When adding the account, the finger print is scanned (but not stored) and coverted into a string of numbers. There is no way that this can be converted into a finger print.

In order for a Student’s fingerprint to be registered, Parent’s and Carer’s will need to provide permission by completing the biometric permission form. A copy is available for download here

We strongly encourage all Student’s to use the fingerprint registration to ensure the funds on their account remain secure. Alternatively a PIN can be used, however this is not as secure and some Student’s find it difficult to remember and so we always recommend a fingerprint is used for registration.

We also encourage all parents who may be eligible to claim free school meals to do so, not least for the financial benefit it brings, but for a number of other reasons. Further information is available here, along with a free school meals application form.

School Meals – Parent Flyer

School Meals Tariff  (still same pricing at present)